All of them

It's taking me some mental effort to make this adjustment, but remember: These Teabaggers, Fundies, Wingnuts and the rest of the motley crew don't care about facts, logic, truth, evidence, science, anything really, unless it explicitly aids their agenda of the day. How do you reason with people who don't believe in reason? A big question for the future of America.


This is an actual review of Bill Donohue's new book. Donahue represents the oh-so-fun Catholic League, who's job of course is to harass anyone who doesn't bow down to their viewpoints.

Remember when Colbert hosted the Press Roast for President Bush, and actually lambasted him, much to the horror of the Washington Village - they had no idea what his humor was, but invited him anyways. These people literally don't understand satire, and think Colbert actually believes in the content of his show.

It's incredible, really, this gap in understanding.

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