Worker Bees and/or Ants - Choose your metaphor!

This is an actual color photo from World War One, which was not called World War One at the time.

It's safe to say that throughout human history there has been war and violence, and in that war and violence there have been the soldiers, the enforcers, the thugs and toughs and sometimes brave defenders of home and hearth. They don't always choose to fight, but fight they do, instruments of the Great Powers which control us all, and who's bidding we heed.

Worker bees of the soldier class. We are all worker bees, of course, of different classes, and there need be no positive or negative spin taken from the word "class", since an operating society needs many pieces working, and any who contribute to the operating of society are successful worker bees, be they plumber, soldier, or political lobbyist.

Humanity has specialized to an nth degree, and as such there are many types of worker bees. Still, though, and for evermore, only a few true leader bees, whomever they might be (I'll never know).

Redshirt rule number 1: When the away mission calls, so too does your duty to the hive, the collective good of which you are a part. For the Queen!

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I like the way you wrote this kind of blog.