Chewbacca got no medal

Rightfully, at the end of Star Wars, Luke and Han are given medals from a thankful Rebellion. However, Chewbacca, participant in all heroic acts, standing right there! Get's no medal.

Fact: Chewbacca helped Obi Wan and Luke and the plans for the Death Star escape Tatooine

Fact: Chewbacca helped rescue Princess Leia and escape the Death Star, at great risk to himself on multiple occasions.

Fact: Chewbacca co-piloted the ship which blasted Darth Vader from the Death Star trench, thereby giving Luke a free shot at the shielded exhaust port.

For all the heroic deeds leading up to the destruction of the Death Star, Chewbacca was in the center of the action and in fact a principle participant, equal in stature to Han Solo. And yet, and yet! Chewbacca got no medal.

Why? Too tall? Not a long enough sash? Or is it more likely this "Walking Carpet" was not appreciated for his efforts as an equal lifeform among equal lifeforms? I don't want to say the Rebellion was racist, for the Mon Calamari policies attest to the Rebellion's willingness to work with non-human species. But I guess Wookies don't have enough lobbyists on Coruscant. Or something.


l.e.s.ter said...

Did you ever consider that it might be the history of sexual harassment--so vividly illustrated on the image accompanying this post--that was the real reason behind the medal snub? I do not mean to sound racist, but Wookies do not have the workplace decorum requisite for consideration in medal award ceremonies. It's an issue of their broader culture.

l.e.s.ter said...
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Redshirt said...

Well, did you ever consider that if Chewie did not experience discrimination all the time, he wouldn't have to engage in harassment for attention?

And anyways, who says Leia was being harassed in this picture? Word in the halls of Cloud City is, this is how Leia rolls.