I try to follow this subject closely, and even I'm confused. I cannot tell if this is big news or not - based on the NASA web page, apparently not. But I think it would be, since hitherto all we have is evidence of water -- good evidence, sure, but only circumstantial --- whereas now, for the first time, we actually have the water, on another planet.

This to me is huge, since water will be the breadcrumbs we will follow across this solar system. Water on planets, on moons, on asteroids and comets, water is most likely everywhere, and we're going to need it.

With confirmed water, the only limits to our exploration of Mars is our will. If you check out the work of a Dr. Robert Zubrin on the Mars Direct plan, you'll see we could be on Mars and colonizing Mars today, if we wished it.

Well, I wish it! So someone get to work!


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