Might as well get used to this picture, because I'll be coming back to it frequently enough.

I used to like McCain, quite a bit -- the McCain that said of the George Bush 2000 SC campaign:
I believe that there is a special place in hell for people like those."

What happened to that McCain? Oh yeah, he started running for President of the Empire. That'll change ya!

And change he has, flip-flopping all over the place, promising to run an "honorable campaign", with all that Mavericky Straight-Talk he's so famous for (fun drinking game: Drink everytime someone on the news refers to McCain as a "maverick". You'll be three sheets to tha wind a'fore you tack to port). He was for illegal amnesty before he was against it, and will most likely be for it again if his polls tell him he must.

Also, when did he become so whiney? Jeez!

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