Here's to Iron (Fe #26!), the most stable element in existence and the state to which all the other elements strive.

To the left is a nice looking Iron meteor hanging out on Mars. Expelled from some star, probably the same star that made the iron currently in your blood.


restructuring said...

very awsome.


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Redshirt said...

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Redshirt said...

A meteor on Mars is cool shit, man.

Anonymous said...

Just what GBS needs, another boring whitenoise shitlord with a massive blog with tens of thousand of words met with a resounding chorus of "0 comments".

Do yourself a favor and step down now, literally every mod that fell under FYAD's ire has been ousted from their position sooner or later and you're only fighting the inevitable.

Redshirt said...

Um, there's like 6 comments on this thread bro.