I am my monkey brother's keeper

We share 95% of our genome with chimps, and a similarly high percentage with all other vertebrates, such as Octopus (Dr.).

The monkey on the left is very old, the one on the right a grandson.

Evolution tells us that not so long ago, our ancestors were probably not that different than these guys.

However, Creationists would have none of what the THEORY of evolution would tell you on this or other subjects (though it can be agreed with when it does not contradict the Bible - as whatever preacher at the time/place chooses to interpret the Bible), and instead would have you believe that indeed, mankind was created from dirt in the Garden of Eden by a rather juvenile acting G-D, to Fall so ridiculously, and then to beget and beget and beget some more, with - hilariously from a biological perspective - a reset due to the general wickedness of the world, and repopulation of the planet from the descendants of Noah and the rest of the gang on the Ark.

This has been another prong in the postmodern pincer move of the conservative attack, to discredit science and raise up religion as a shield to any logical criticism. Hard to argue with God afterall. And if the Bible says so, well, that's good enough reason for whatever you want to justify.

So, to summarize so far: Co-opt and delegitimize the media; scorn science and logic and elevate religion and tribal emotions.

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