The Wave

Not only is Obama going to be a great President, but in his wake will come a new generation/breed of politicians, riding the wave of change which will sweep out the stables, so to speak, at least a bit.

Obama has been a sought after campaigner for years for many other Democrats, even for the despicable Lieberman, who's staff begged him to help (and for this he gets what?). Barack has worked the small towns and small stages of America for a great many other politicians, building his foundation, and from the elections of 2006 onward there has been an ever gathering collection of people organizing, energizing, and getting the dirty business of winning elections done. There is a new spirit in America, a spirit that Obama has awakened, and is now for us all to realize.

I kid you not -- I know I sound like a cult member -- but I feel that Obama has already improved my life, personally, and has improved the state of the world -- already there is progress and change that he has asked for. I cannot wait to see what next year will bring. Won't you join us?

Join us?

Join us.

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