What a week for Barack Obama. A triumphant tour of Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Germany, France, and England.

In contrast, John McCain had one of his worst weeks, on the heels of the previous record holder. I do not see how this will be a close election, and in fact cannot see a valid reason to support McCain over Obama.

Make no mistake about the bias of this blog: Barack Obama is our new hope, and has the potential to be one of America's great Presidents.

For the first time in my life, I am FOR a political candidate, rather than against someone, or duly going through the motions with no conviction. I sincerely believe Barack Obama will be an excellent President and support him 100%.

If you're for McCain, please, feel free and explain why. Cuz at this time I cannot understand even in the least bit.

Did ya see that speech in Berlin? I had goosebumps.

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