Consider for a moment the unreality of Karl Rove posing as an analyst for Fox News.

Go ahead. Consider it.

You can see the Magic Spell wavering around him, the glamour which allows him to convince you (or people like you) that what he says is in good faith and NOT, most certainly not artful construction designed to manipulate you towards a desired end.

What has been remarkable about the past 20 years or so is the truly Postmodern attack the "Right" has been waging - they have made the Media into a relativistic, not to be trusted, tool for manipulation and propaganda, but they have done so in such a way that the "Common Man" believes in this story for the most part.

The Liberal Media.

Yes, as if GE has an overwhelming interest in espousing "Liberal" views.

But for the moment, consider Karl Rove pretending to be an objective analyst on a TV channel pretending NOT to be the propaganda wing of a certain faction of the Republican Party, and you can see how deep this magic hole goes.

We're in a reality now of mass marketed illusion and chicanery, posing as serious business.

Don't believe the Hype.

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