Cute, right?

Isn't it odd that the South of America, the old Confederacy, is also considered, currently, to be the most Patriotic region, home of the Republican Party and true Americans, who believe in:

1. The War and supporting our troops
2. Jesus
3. Guns
4. "States Rights" ;)

Let's not forget that it was only in the 50's that the USA had
to send its Army into a Southern state in order to enforce the laws of the USA. That's Whiskey Rebellion stuff, people!

And yet we now bend our American knees to the South and all things Southern, as if Southern now equals American. You Connecticut Yankees should go back to Russia!

But let's step back for
a second and consider the true power of symbols: They are what you make of them, and what you can convince/persuade your "victim" to make of them. Consider these fine chaps:
Not as cute, am I right?

No doubt these guys are looking for a reaction, hence the combination of so many fun fascist fashions, but the symbol is there, the very same symbol we're to believe can be Patriotic in other settings, or at least a reflection of tradition or culture, or perhaps at the very least, just good old fun!

I'd say there's some serious cognitive dissonance at play here, but when all is dissonance, is it really an exception any more?

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