Florida the horrible

Florida is a monster, in many ways. One of which is: It's only made for a colder world. If the sea rises too high, Florida ceases to be. And so it shall happen, soon enough. Woe approaches, Floridians.
Some scary skinheads from Florida. You get enough scary skinheads together and gosh! You've got a movement!
Check out giraffe man, from Florida! They helpfully put everyone's mug shot on the internet, for the lulz.

It's a cruel, cruel Summer.


l.e.s.ter said...

I wonder if you're part of an Osceola skinhead group and you don't have sketchy neck tattoos whether you're self-conscious and a little embarrassed about it.

Get a Google Alert on the search term "Florida Woman." Endless entertainment.

Redshirt said...

"Hey, Steve. We've been talking, and we're not sure you're extreme enough for our group. Think you could get some sketchy neck tats?"

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