Nuke the Whales

I am comforted, in some small way, by the fact that the Crazies have always been part of American politics. They just used to be shunned, and now they're in charge of the Republican Party. But that can change - that will change if the public and media hold them accountable for their insanity. Maybe?

Till then, Nuke Everything.


Marmot said...

While Mrs. Marmot and I were watching Hell on a Wheels, she goes, "Ugh, our country's history is pretty awful," what with the slavery, racism, taking Indian land and killing them, that kind of thing. Anyway, I was similarly comforted that most human societies have been or are currently awful too.

Forgot my point.

So yeah, were right-wing crazies really shunned? I feel like they were welcome in the Republican and Dixiecrat parties, just not where they might publicly expose the whole game.

Redshirt said...

They just had better spelling on their signs - better penmenship too.