Save us, Vladimir!

Consider this level of insanity: The denizens of Free Republic - noted Rightwing discussion board - have gone so far around the bend that they now actively long for the tender rule of Vladimir Putin as opposed to That One.

Behold: How Screwed up is it?

Indeed. Very screwed up when you realize these Freepers are the former Cold Warriors of the 80's and earlier. The haters of Commies. The Freedom Fighters of America! St. Ronald Reagan's Raiders!
You younger folk might not remember the Cold War, but boy howdy do I, and these same guys back then. WOLVERINES! And now, NOW! They talk about moving to Russia to escape the tyranny of That One.

Insane. A choice quote, one of many:

I agree with you. I hate that SOB more than you know. Though maybe you like Putin more because he’s everything our Faux president is not.Though I never would have expected a dictator to be running things in the United States so soon.
24 posted on 10/03/2013 4:45:22 AM PDT by puppypusher (The World is going to the dogs.)

They just want to be ruled by the, Right dictator.


Phantom 309 said...

Well... If they really want to go....

Marmot said...

Phantom! Shhhh! "We don't want them to go," remember?

Redshirt said...

To Russia, with love.