Science ruins everything, right? WRONG! Science makes everything awesome. Fur example, a large percentage (not all) of dinosaurs are now thought to have had feathers. Even the mighty T-Rex:
Stylish, fashionable, warm, and not remotely related to flight. Science thinks, for now, that feathers first evolved for warmth, and later evolved for use in flight. This evolution was carried forward by dinosaurs, who ultimately became birds.

Birds are the evolution of one branch of dinosaurs. All of them. Think of that the next time you feed the ducks.


Marmot said...

"a large percentage (not all) of dinosaurs are now thought to have had feathers."

Wait-- wha-?

Now I'm going to have to spend work time reading up on this! Be it on your head, Redshirt!

Marc said...

Some people hate the idea of dinosaurs with feathers, because they grew up with pictures and movies of 'naked' dinosaurs. These people don't seem to understand that science gives us answers of truth (most of the time I hope) and not what we wish for.

muddy said...

Anyone who has fed ducks knows their vicious nature already. And let's not even mention geese, the horrors. The delicious horrors.

Redshirt said...

There's some vicious geese that live down the road from me and I have no problem imagining them killing me, were they 20 feet tall.

Science also ruined Pluto, Marc.

Learn up, Marmot! Those cute little birds tweet-tweet-tweeting on your porch are really deadly killers, were they 20 feet tall.

Marmot said...

Oh, I knew that bit. It's the feathers preceding flight that sounded a bit, er, cuckoo.

Points at least for a slant-pun?

And I'm not really a meat eater, but after spending a summer long ago at a job where we fed duck and geese with trash bread, I'm glad geese are still small enough to beat in hand-to-hand. Damn they're mean. Swans too.