When we dreamt of a better future

Back in the days of American yore, we dreamt of landing men on the Moon, and sending ships to space on a regular schedule - like a space train. The Space Shuttle - conceived of in the 60's, designed and built in the 70's, and surely killed by Reagan in the 80's. Like most of America.
These are pics from the Shuttle launch facility at Vandenburg AFB in California. It was never used for an actual launch, since when the Shuttles were ready for flight, St. Ronnie was President and the strangulation of America had begun in earnest. It takes a big Government to build and operate something so ambitious, so forward looking, and as we all know now, Government is the problem.
Let us lament what could have been, if not for "Conservatives". A future of hope and progress, of equality and science, of fairness and justice for all. A future we here in America will not get another chance at, not in our lifetimes.

But we'll have a few wicked rich folks! Bank on that.

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