It drives them insane

Lovely photo of the First Family having dinner at the Kremlin. This sweet picture also drives a not insignificant percentage of Americans insane with rage. LOOK HOW ARROGANT!!!
A lovely photo of young Barry as pirate and young Mom Ann. Consider the ultimate "American Dream" aspect of this photo, as this was not a rich family, or a powerful family, but just one of the new American families - international, open, tolerant.
And this of course drives the Tea Baggers insane. MUSLIM! KENYAN! BIRTH CERTIFICATE! They're filled with hate, spewing with anger, all the while claiming a mantle of Christians. As REAL AMERICANS.
From the Right Wing Internet hive mind. This came out before the 2012 election and claims Obama's mom did porno. It's not true, of course, but what does truth matter to a Tea Bagger? Only hate matters. Only defeating the Other. And yes, this is now a belief among the 27%ers, the utterly mad. A poison in the body politic.

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