Their Fevered Swamp

In their minds, warped and twisted by at least three decades of propaganda, this is Barack Hussein Obama. The Antichrist. A Muslim. A Kenyan. A Homosexual. A Ni-CLANG. They can't stand him. Who's they?
Here's a Freeper - a member of Free Republic. Old. White. Racist. Angry. Armed. This man did not make the work of "art" above, but he no doubt agrees with it. And this.
Check this logic: The Republicans force the Government to shut down. When unpaid but still working Park Rangers try and close National Parks and other resources, they (via Fox) got outraged, and some Congressional crazies staged a sit in with some geezers at the WW2 memorial.
Just flying the Swastika cuz Barack Hussein Obama is such a NAZI. First (and implied Second) Ammendment! Another Freeper.
They still love Sarah - and they know Liberals just make fun of her because they're scared of her. The "Appeal to Heaven" flag is another Revolutionary flag that the Tea Baggers are appropriating. You can guess the meaning - OBAMA BAD!!! DEMOCRATS BAD!!! LIBERALS BAD!!!
Health insurance for the poor is clearly just like 1939 Germany. Well said, Freedom Fighter.

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