The Elephant in the Country

So true. You start thinking for yourself, and you find only trouble. Better to just let the Preacher do the thinking for you. Vote Republican!
I like bashing the South as much as anyone, but it must be noted that these numbers (and so many more) are influenced by the deplorable conditions many African Americans find themselves in Southern states - all run by racist whites, of course. But these same deplorable trends affect poor whites too, but hey, vote Republican!
Think how warped and twisted you have to be to get so angry over the possibility of high speed rail. I'LL NEVER GET ON A TRAIN OBAMA!!!

These poor whites who vote - who live - Republican have been so bamboozled, so brainwashed by the dual poison of Religion and Racism that they will cut off their nose - Gladly! - as long as it means black folk will suffer too. That's their mindset, and what we're up against - a legion of angry, deluded white people manipulated by some greedy billionaires. Vote Republican! 


Knight of Nothing said...

Even though I am aware of the statistics behind them, these maps are still shocking and horrifying. I wonder what these maps would look like if someone factored out non-white poverty. I suspect that the pattern would hold, but it would be less pronounced.

I live in Minnesota, and the racial gap in employment is unfortunately pretty bad. On the bright side, however, TakeAction MN sponsored a meeting with Target Corp. to formulate strategies to close this gap. I wonder whether any blue-chip southern companies like Coca-Cola, Tyson, or Wal-mart have responded to any such initiatives.

Redshirt said...

I agree, though the patterns of poverty would switch a bit. It's amazing to see, for example, cotton production in the pre Civil War South and today's Democratic voters in the South - it's a match.