The Moral Majority

Hey, Virginny? Like your new flag? No? Then get thee to thy polling place this upcoming Tuesday and make sure all Republicans lose. Because if they win, it will be less boobies for all of us.

Half joking, as always. Here's the original with upstanding citizen Ken Cuccinelli's changes:
But the gist is the same: Republicans hate boobies. They hate sex. They hate the classics. Speaking of classics, remember our old friend John Ashcroft?
Boobies! Classical, justice boobies. But that won't do with the new American Puritans. So this:
Became this:
Not only did they cover the nude statues, but they covered the entire space, no doubt to avoid accusations that they covered just the nudity - cuz that would be nuts, right? After all, The Founding Fathers  - Hallowed be their names - loved classical nudity, and as we all know, "Conservatives" adhere to the traditions of the past, by default, and would never attempt to radically change the nature of the country in pursuit of their religious beliefs. Only Muslims would do that.


l.e.s.ter said...

Oh, Virginia. You have more in common with Florida than I like to admit.

Redshirt said...

Looks like Virginia steps back from the Wingnut tonight!

l.e.s.ter said...

Northern Virginia saves the day.