Everything's Dinosaurs

Every bird you know is a dinosaur descendent. Turtles too. A shorter list would be "Who's not related to dinosaurs?"

Shit's dinotastic.


muddy said...

We've got a slug.

Marmot said...

Like, a pet slug?

Redshirt said...

Vacationing slug

l.e.s.ter said...

God bless Etsy for stegosaurus tortoises cozies.

muddy said...

Yes, a pet slug. No, it doesn't talk. Then again neither does a dinosaur.

Redshirt said...

God bless all the cozies.

muddy? What does one do with a pet slug? Salt mazes?

muddy said...

Salt mazes. That's mean. Pretty funny though. Maybe a copper wire obstacle course? Like a flea circus? I hate slugs.

My initial slug comment was from the ending of the Norwegian Blue parrot sketch.

"We've got a slug!"
"Praaay, does it talk?"
"Not really."
"Then it's not a bloody replacement then, is it?"