3 Wolf Meme

The original. A sincere work of art, I reckon. Check it out yourself.
The Internet took it ironically, of course. What isn't, or cannot be taken ironically? Nothing! Everything. Meme's are flexible, man. Also, why does Jesus always look like that? Who has any idea what Jesus looked like?
So dang beautiful. A true work of high art. Imagine this in velvet and a classy frame? Epic.
Not so pretty, but the meme repeating in various configurations is beauty in itself - the process. Dialectic ideas replicating and changing in the duplication, over time. And the process will continue as long as the meme is healthy and replicating. When folks stop thinking about it, talking about it, it dies. That's how Gods die, by the by.
Do you remember Okami, the Wolf God? Of course not. He died a long time ago. Forgotten and faded away.

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