Droppin' Pbombs

Photobomb. Invented by Michael Cera? The animal version was made popular, I think, with this beauty:
A wonderful accidental photo. And that's the thing - since the history of photography, there's no doubt been many incidents of funny pop ups and photo crashers. But before the internet, who would you share them with, other than immediate family/friends? And since there was no way to copy that hilarious photo of Great Grandad Lancel on his Olde Tymey bike with a young urchin poking his grimy head into the bottom of the scene, the laughs stayed close to home.

But now! We live as connected in a large web of nets, each attached to the other and messages transmitting web wide in milliseconds. All our thoughts and feelings there to be shared. Also too, our accidental animal photobomb photos.
Kazakhstani Astro Squirrel certifying GO for launch.

Also, I'm not sure what the hell that horse was thinking. Or if that cow is not in fact a photoshop. The Web Net is a tricky thing.

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