Seals out of place

Seal's like, "WTF?!" Kinda sad but also uplifting story of a zoo that flooded this Summer in Minnesota. Read about it here. This seal was found a couple of blocks away from the zoo. How messed up is that, for the seal? Going from a water world to the cold hard, wet streets? Damn. Be advised, freak events like this (10+ inches of rain in short order) will become more and more common as our world climate gets ever warmer. But hey! It's sunny today! Why worry about LIBERAL LIES?
Republican crasher seal sayz "DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!"


l.e.s.ter said...

Seal photo bomb! Looks like there's some extreme weather coming this way next week. Is this Frankenstorm legit? Or is it all newscast-generated hype?

Redshirt said...

Little of A, some of B. It's forecasted to merge with another storm and then linger around Penn and Western NY. Lots of water. You're going to have a rougher time of it than I, though the forecasted 60MPH winds up here gives me some pause.