Trek Robe and Kicks

I've never really worn a bathrobe, except for brief larks at the fancy hotel but I quickly put it back, considering all the warnings on the coat hangers.

They seem awesome. I'm reminded now of The Dude and how comfortable he seemed in a bathrobe. But how much more awesome would it be in a Federation Bathrobe? An infinite amount, that's how much.
Both robes available at ThinkGeek. I'd be careful with the Red Robe, however. You're just begging for trouble.
I assume once you take the bathrobe off for the day - is it a weekday article of clothing? Or weekends only? You need some logical kicks. Why not Fed it up? Man.
Command colors, the kind of color that says "Hey, you, green alien babe, what are you doing tonight?"


Blue Collared Snob said...

My best friend had his first child last year and I plan on getting him a Star Trek TOS Onesie for his first birthday. The kid has blonde hair so of course I'm going to get him the command gold.

Redshirt said...

Wonderful1! Ain't kids the best thing ever? They're awesome!