Tunnel of DOOM

An ice tunnel under a glacier in Greenland. Beautiful, but it presages a looming disaster. These tunnels form from meltwater, and quite efficiently drain water from the glacier. This also causes the glacier to slide far faster than normal, sliding towards the sea. The disaster scenario is as such: When enough fresh water pours into the North Atlantic, it subsumes the Gulf Stream, breaking the current. This ocean current is a major contributor to the weather of the Northern Hemisphere. It's loss would cause worldwide weather to go crazy for many, many years. Ice ages, massive floods, crushing droughts, monster hurricanes, tidal waves, tornadoes everywhere. Many, many people will die.

This is a possibility. And yet we do little to prevent it, hostage as we all are to insane Republicans. Who worry not, as they'll no doubt blame Liberals when the shit hits the fan anyway.



l.e.s.ter said...

Didn't similar conditions lead to the Little Ice Age? Pretty scary scenario. Our real hope is global warming being severe enough to balance out the colder weather. I'm going for a drive.

Redshirt said...

I'm not sure there's an agreed upon reason for the L'il Ice Age. I've heard volcanic activity contributed to it.

It would be ironic if global warming sent us deep into a centuries long ice age. The future Frost Hippies will chortle.