Kenyan Communists

I find myself in an odd place, politically (among many other areas). I'd like to think of myself as "Conservative", as in, "To Conserve". This would be the earth, money, resources, pain, etc. However, the so called "Conservative" party in America today is anything but. The Republicans are hardcore radicals bent on destroying this country. In order to save it, they'd tell you in a moment of candor.

Thus, I vote Democrat, for the sole reason that they are the only thing standing in the way of Republican rule and utter destruction for us all.

We've all heard the shit they've flung at Obama. It's neverending. Hate peddlers, fear junkies, moral toads need not rule us, people! Let go of your hate, and vote against these people everywhere and at all times and on all lines of the ballot. The Republican party and its philosophies must be destroyed - literally, for the safety of everyone on the planet.

Is that dire enough? Stark enough choice? Vote - against Republicans.

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