Tagg, you're it

That's Tagg Romney on the lower left, who said after the second debate (in regards the paraphrased question "how did you like your Dad getting his ass kicked?"):
Jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him.
The picture is after the 3rd debate, in which Barack Obama also kicked Mitt Romney's ass.

Can you guess the whisper? I bet it's conciliatory. Obama is a far better man than you or I. He's remarkable, amazing. Michelle also too, though not so conciliatory. Look at that smirk!

And then there's the Romneys to the right. Smug as fuck.

That this election appears to have tightened mightily solely over the first debate (Which I thought Romney did win but Obama did fine) is totally unexplainable to me. How? Why? WTF? And so all the polls are now tightened, and worry spreads across the reality based community.

But don't worry. GOTV. Make calls. Give money. Vote. Do something - together we are far more powerful than rich pricks like Romney, et al.

Go Obama!
Vote Obama, and all Democrats. Or, in other words, never vote Republican.

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