Animal Memeorama '12

If all the bad shit that happens = 100, what percentage of said bad shit happens whilst the actor is drunk? 70%? 80? It's up there, for alcohol unleashes man's natural animal, and declares: Run amok!
Serious frog doesn't drink nor smoke. What he does is get things done, healthy and happy. But so boring, right? Cuz if it
Then it should be done! Is that not our genes declaring "More!"? And they run the show. So if feels good man, do it.
The collective future of animal life on earth depends on each of us pursuing our pleasure. Sex, and all attendant behaviors, which are legion. But oh noes1! Say the religious fussbodies! Sexy time is only between married turtles, otherwise it's a sin. And drinking and the Rock and/or Roll? Blasphemy! Hellfire! Yadda yadda, leave a pamphlet.

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