Sergeant Stubby

Those are actual military medals on Stubby's jacket. A hero of WW1, Stubby achieved the rank of Sergeant after the battle of Chemin dem Dames. Check this hero dog out by clicking to the Wiki.
Not as flattering a shot, but c'mon! It's olden tymes. Note that Stubby is a pitbull. The breed has a terrible reputation today, but that's only because of dick head owners. But the power of opinion is hard to overcome. And, I suppose, we have less need for relentless attack dogs.
"A Brave Stray" describes us all really, for our ancestors marched and moved on over and anon again and again till humanity spread to every corner of the world, save Antarctica. But who would want to go there anyways?

Anywho, Stubby! What a dog!


AbstruseOddity said...

Actually, it's less about "Dickhead owners" and much more about race.

If you follow the arc of breed demonization in America it mirrors the arc of minority breed ownership trends.

I have a rescue pit. He's my world :-)

Redshirt said...

Interesting. I had not thought of it in that way, but it makes sense.

I wonder though if it's more about class than race - for instance, the white trash yokel with vicious pit bulls seems like a meme.

AbstruseOddity said...

Sure, but poverty and race are also highly correlated.

Not to mention the very demonization of the breed attracts some people to own them for their perceived viciousness.

Redshirt said...

Exactly. So is it racial or economic? I tend to ascribe racism as a subset of classism - the "Other" is ultimately someone beneath you in the steps of your particular society.