Send an eRaven

Raven, by Ann Smith. Made of gears and sprockets and such. Wonderful.

Speaking of, I just finished "A Dance with Dragons" by George R.R. Martin, and enjoyed it thoroughly, save for the usual frustrations with the books in the series - what's happening with so and so?! You mentioned this off screen?! What's going on with who's and what?! So many characters and settings. Some many pages. Lot's of pages. I saw some blokes reading the first book on the subway way back when after the HBO series premiered, and I was intrigued. So, on vacation in Florida a lifetime ago and with little to do but hang out, I picked up the first book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga, "Game of Thrones". It was awesome in an airport novel kinda way. There's nothing overly serious or poetic or deep in the books, but by gods are they page turning deliciousness, and that's what matters in my opinion about a work of fiction - how much you enjoy it. Does anyone really enjoy "Ulysses" by James Joyce? Anyone eager to get to the next page? Dickens knew this. Martin knows this. I recommend the series highly for anyone with any taste for medieval knights and princesses and kings and some magic and dragons, so on and such, but with an awesomely high level of intrigue, plotting, scheming, and backstabbing. Like a soap opera, I think, if I knew anything about soap operas firsthand. Regardless, big Redshirt thumbs up to the book series and I eagerly await the release of the next.

As an artful segue, here's the little drone the Military has dubbed "Raven":
It's a thrown drone.
And more throwing of drones.
Perhaps the best drone throwing form.
These would be the Army-Maesters, by the way. After launching their Ravens for recon and intel, they retire back to the main hall for trenchers of capons, roasted duck dribbling grease, and tankards of Amber ale.
Corn! Snow!


AbstruseOddity said...

Lamprey pie in short supply in Afghanistan.

Additionally, don't talk shit about "Ulysses".

I've always wanted a pet raven, but they aren't really pet animals, so I never did it.

Redshirt said...

LOL. Cluster bombs packed with Jellied Eels.

Are you really a "Ulysses" fan? I've never met one before.

I bet if you raised the raven from birth (better to raise two) it would be an agreeable pet. I should give it a try!

AbstruseOddity said...

Yes, I'm a "Ulysses" fan. I have a theme tattoo even.

As for the ravens, yeah, you're right. But raising birds is different from raising dogs. They need training every. Single. Day. Constant reinforcement. Hard to imagine a situation where they could flourish.

Redshirt said...

What's the tattoo? I'm intrigued!