Delusions of fevered brains

Obama has rolled back most of the Bush era tragedies. And yet, the day Obama was elected, the rightwing wingnuts started right back up with the "BLACK HELICOPTERZ!!!1" nonsense, 8 years in hibernation. Amazing, really. Here's the decoder key to their fevered brains: Democrat in power = Fascism, Socialism, lot's of other "isms" they don't understand. They're partisan beyond reason.
So while Obama has actually restored many key provisions of the Constitution that were "suspended" during the Bush administration, the wingnuts see burning Declarations and evil in every Good. They're insane.
"Obamanation", by noted wingnut artist (and there are very few of them for the obvious reasons) John McNaughton. It's kinda interesting, actually, a look into the fevered brain of a wingnut with painting talent.
Another McNaughton original. Obama - ironically! - has everyone in chains, except for some brave Tea Partiers who have cut their bonds to the Man, man.
Imagine a political opposition that does not see a man in their rival, but the Antichrist hisself. Crazy, but this is the state of the "modern" Repuglican party - a group of cruel millionaires and Christian Talibani.

Here's the truth of the matter, by the way.
Great President, great man, great family. We're lucky to have them all, and the Obama's herald a new golden age for America.

If we can defeat the wingnuts. I believe we can. Yes, we can.


Blue Collared Snob said...

I can't believe that many people are trying to get into Facism Villa. Sure it is a gated community with cameras and ghosts that hang out with the President but does it have a pool?

AbstruseOddity said...

He did kinda use his flying death robots to assinate multiple US citizens without benefit of trial. Obama has been a civil liberties dumpster fire.

Redshirt said...

There's a pool... of LIBERAL LIES!

AbstruseOddity - while I don't like seeing any innocent bystander killed, how better to wage war against terrorist outfits? Boots on the ground? Or ignore them and leave them alone?

AbstruseOddity said...

I'm not talking about innocent bystanders, I'm referring specifically to the assassination of American citizens living abroad. I know it's a difficult world we live in, but this is such a clear and egregious abuse of power that it should disqualify Obama from the presidency, but I'll end up voting for him anyway.

AbstruseOddity said...
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Redshirt said...

I respect your position immensely, but disagree with it for pragmatic reasons.

AbstruseOddity said...

I respect your right to your position and you as a person, but expediency and pragmatism are poor substitutes for the rule of law.

Capitol punishment is the most terrible exercise of power a government can utilize. I would argue that it is NEVER a justifiable or reasonable use of power, but even if we cede that argument exercising that power without benefit of trial or due process against an American citizen is one of the greatest crimes in the history of our nation, full stop.

I really don't want to berate you with my position (even though I JUST DID and I kinda feel shitty about it) but could you elaborate why you think constitutional protections are subject to pragmatic considerations?

Really not trying to be a dick.

Redshirt said...

I'm against Capital Punishment in all forms. I am for the drone war against terrorist enemies.

Tell me where the line crosses - someone overseas got bombed in a drone strike with American credentials. Who was it? Or, who were they? You keep referring to American citizens killed in drone strikes. Who are they?

War is war. Death happens - it's the nature of the beast. You fight it as smartly as you can - example number 1: The USA is no longer killing people in Iraq. What do you say to that?

AbstruseOddity said...

Not just citizens, but a 16 year old child.

War is War sounds like one of my favorite quotes from renowned Humanitarian G.T. Sherman.

"You might as well appeal against the thunder-storm as against these terrible hardships of war.  They are inevitable, and the only way the people of Atlanta can hope once more to live in peace and quiet at home, is to stop the war, which can only be done by admitting that it began in error and is perpetuated in pride. "

War is not war when funerals and children are hand waived away as being part of the nature of the beast. You fight war as JUSTLY as possible, smartly comes second.

I'm a big fan of the end of the Iraq war.

Redshirt said...

Do you believe we should be fighting Taliban/Al Qaeda?

If so, how better to fight them?

If not, what do you propose instead?

Cuz I see this: Obama's already got the endgame for the Afhgan war in progress (complete withdrawal by 2014), and once complete, I doubt there will be drone strikes in Afghanistan or Pakistan any longer - unless they specifically allow them.

So, where else are drone strikes occurring? Yemen and Somalia. The Yemen government allows them, and so has the Somali government, what there is of it.

Thus, I ask - if not drone strikes, what? Special forces? Marines? Large scale invasions? None of these options is preferable to drones. Are there any other options?

Sure, no war at all. Which I wish could be so, but I don't think it realistic. Not now - but wait till 2014 or so, once America's wars are done. I hope/pray there will be drastically less violence across the world by then.

Already you see the beginnings of such a trend - large scale terrorist attacks outside of Iraq are drastically lower now than they were from 1998-2007. No co-incidence.

I have faith that Obama is NOT a warmonger. Yet, he was handed two ongoing wars that were managed poorly - like all things he was handed as President from the previous Administration. He ended the Iraq War as he said he would. He's beginning to do so in Afghanistan - do you not believe he'll follow through?

And once the Afghan War is over, we'll be at relative peace in the world. Once again - like the last time a Democrat was President. Egads - the losses we suffered as a World from 2000-2008 were substantial. Alas.

dood... said...

if u think obama restored the constitution you must be blind and dumb, and I just thought you were dumb.. silly me.