Come at me, bro

Internet memes. Wondrous little things that come from nothing and bring forth chortles and snorts, for a time, till they fade away back into the digital nothing from which they sprang. Some last longer than others, such is the way of all things. I expect longevity correlates to the degree with which the meme addresses the human condition. Closer to the bone and the more LOLS there are to be had.
What I find hilarious about this meme is the ironic mocking of the faux peacock effect - some male punk is feeling testy and gets pushy with someone else over some perceived slight. They'll raise their arms, puff their chests, tilt their heads back and strut in this position in side to side motions. It's all very bird like, and have I ever mentioned I have a "problem" wherein I view ALL human interactions as if in a nature documentary? We are animals, after all, living in nature.

The "Come at me bro" move is a genetic behavior we share with our simian sisters and no doubt goes back millions of years into our shared past. Billions maybe.
After all, it's clearly a defensive measure intended to make the possible attacker think you are bigger and more menacing prey than you might really be. Puffing up, as it were. An ancient and noble defense, but one that fails in the face of a dedicated assailant.
Not much you could do here, really, other than roll into a ball and pray to FSM that he tires/bores/frightens off. Bears can be scared off, of course, but not if they're all chargy and foamy fangy. You're screwed.

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