Gallows Jape

9/11 is here again. I'd almost forgotten, which I think is a great sign. The sooner this tragic event fades into the mists of time, the better - ONLY so it can no longer be used as jingoistic fear bait by deplorable Republicans and other Fundamentalists. 9/11 was their best tool for many years, and we're all still paying the price for their wielding of it. Thankfully, that too is fading, as the fascist tide recedes.

As I've said before, I lament the loss of life on 9/11, but then I lament the loss of life in a Bangladeshi ferry crash, or an Iraqi market bombing, or some jungle skirmish in Africa. People are dying all the time for all the wrong reasons, and sadly they often go unremarked. Once we ALL understand that people are people and we all want the same things - peace, happiness, children, and a pleasant old age - then we'll have a chance for no more terrorism, no more wars, no more violence, especially in the name of some "movement".

That's a ways off, though. Alas! In the meantime, I will continue to mock the Authoritarians, any who would have you bend your knee out of fear. Fear is never the answer. Laughter often is. Here you go (by the by - the pic above "The Accidental Tourist" was one of the first internet hoaxes after 9/11, and lives to this day. It is a hoax - here's the backstory.)

A real, pirated product.
The death of OBL was a big step forward in sending 9/11 to the archives. Thanks Obama!
As I've been making fun of 9/11 for a while now, I've seen more and more 9/11 cakes each year. I've got dozens on the old hard drive, but this one will suffice for now. Funny!
An actual "memorial" product. How better to remember that tragic day than flicking on a novelty lighter and smoking a butt? Or blunt.
Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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