9/11 2: Space Ship Terror

Ya always got to take it to the next level in the sequel. The crowd demands it.

But seriously, the retiring of the Shuttle was a historical moment in that it will be noted as "Signs of a declining country". The Republicans have strangled this nation over the last 30 years, and we'll be paying the price grievously for years to come. That said, the Shuttle was kind of a waste at this point though too. It cost waaay more to operate than ever forecast, and only got more expensive each year. It had little purpose other than satellite delivery/repair. The Shuttle was designed for operation with a space station, and so the last irony is when we finally have one, it's too fragile and expensive to run, given the climate of the day - SCIENCE MUST BE DESTROYED!

One party has become insanely anti-science - the Republican Party. A once proud group (Honest Abe) has turned into a monstrous ogre hellbent on killing all the Unfaithful. If you value science at all, if you value law and reason and respect, it's your DUTY to never vote for a Republican and make sure you give your all in defeating them at every step. DUTY!

I am 98% sure Obama will be re-elected this November, but FSM help us all if somehow the cravenly Mitt Romney wins. We'll be well and truly fucked then.

Vote Obama!


AbstruseOddity said...

Hey friend, long time no comment, I apologize. Just wondering if you've ever read this:

AbstruseOddity said...
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AbstruseOddity said...
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AbstruseOddity said...

Geez, I should drink less when I comment. Triple post!

Redshirt said...


Yeah, I've read that before. At heart I am a an old school Republican myself, I think. Maybe. In that I believe the Government should spend wisely, not recklessly, and should not intrude in people's affairs unless those affairs affect others. Also, I am against slavery.

But there's not a single Republican I'd support today. Not a one. I'm not a member of the Democratic Party, but by gum, they'll have my vote eagerly for everything until this scourge of (R) is done.

AbstruseOddity said...

Word. I'd take Ike any day of the week. I Like Ike.

But what I think you're touching on is a belief in the "reality based community" and "evidence driven policy". Those things died before I was born in the mid 80s.

So maybe I'm an old school republican too. But probably not, because Robert C Byrd is my personal hero.