The Turn of the Tide

Premise: Sarah Palin represents the modern Republican Party. From the lack of knowledge, to the cognitive dissonance, to the appeals to hate and fear, she near perfectly summarizes everything the modern Republican party has become. She's not a white male, though, so there's some variance (Paul Ryan is the 2012 version). But for this post, she suffices perfectly.

For, you see, back in 2008 we were told that she was going to be the spark that lit the fires of Republican re-ascendency. She was anything but - rather, a ridiculous anchor that helped sink the McCain campaign. She was an obvious fraud and grifter to me from the get go, but I'm ahead of the curve. It took a couple of more years for a good portion of America to catch up. It was a cumulative effect, starting with perhaps this:
The awesome turkey slaughter interview. Real America! And then she resigned the governorship of Alaska in order "to lead", cause governing is hard, of course. And there's much more money to be had in reality tv. Then this:
Hand notes. As if Republican talking points are too hard to memorize! Here's the gist, Sarah: Demoncrats bad, Republicans good! And then a whole bunch of stupid Facebook postings and such, and then this:
Which I posit was the straw breaking the dam, as decent everyday folks who were not paying enough attention finally came to the realization of the monster that lurked beneath the glasses. Which then swiftly led to
The grifting well drying up. And if you can't grift, you can't be a Republican of note these days. Which leads me to:
Super Sarah earlier this year, backing the failed Republican Missouri Senate run by fellow Wingnut Sarah Steelman. Check out the outfit! Is there any better picture which shows that the Republican party has become nothing more than a collection of grifters and C level reality tv stars? I think not! Palin was in no way a contender for the crown of 2012 Republican nominee for President, and her stock has fallen so low she was not even invited to speak at the Gathering of the Wingnuts, AKA, the Republican Convention. But then, neither was W or Dick. That past didn't happen! 
LOL! Sanity. This was from early 2010 - what a hoot! Can you imagine what a disaster such a ticket would have been? Even though it's hard to imagine a bigger disaster than the current Romney/Ryan clown show. Sanity!

Conclusion: Sarah's fall parallels the turning of the tide against Republican insanity, and once Barack crushes Mitt this election and the House returns to Democrat control, we'll be well on our way towards winning against these forces of regression and idiocy. Or at least I hope! Do what you can to make it happen.

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