Laika Dub

My mother, bless her, kept a journal of my likes and dislikes from grade K through 5. One of the questions in this journal was "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And my answer was "Astronaut". From K through 5. And I tried - applied for the Air Force Academy but during the physical I learned I was deaf in my left ear - I never knew! How about that - to be told your entire life till this point has been in mono and you never knew. Odd!

I'd never be an astronaut with this failing, rightly so. And thus, alas! I accept a world where I will never be an astronaut, despite my deep yearnings. So I reach out to those who have gone to space. Like Laika, first mammal in space.
A mutt from the streets, and yet stands forever as the first ambassador of life into space, our inevitable home. Laika, dog hero par excellence.
 A dog hero we can all celebrate - Laika, dog hero of humanity.
On the backs of those who gave their lives for yours and mine. A debt that can never be fully paid.

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