There is no Truth but what you make

Are you sure it's not? Do you yourself have a single iota of proof otherwise? No! You don't, and so who's to say it's not true? Oh sure, some "scientists" from LIBERAL UNIVERSITIES who hate FREEDOM and THE BIBLE. But they have a LIBERAL AGENDA and who can trust them? Not me, not the folks I know. So turtles it is, all the way down.

And this is true about most things - all things? You, a sentient human being, must agree to accept something as true. How you go about doing that is up to you, up to your close contacts, your culture, your age, your era, etc. Everything's a factor. For example, you personally have no experience of the Earth rotating. For everything you can tell with your senses, the sun and moon and stars above rotate around us. How could this not be? And thus to believe this is not so, that we do in fact rotate around the sun, you must ignore your own common sense and believe someone else. Belief.

We hear what we want to hear and see things through a prism named us. But this is all sophistry, is it not? Solipsism, the natural state of man. For perhaps that's true - nothing exists without us and our opinions.

We're left grasping in the dark, always. Perhaps we come closer to something like a real Truth, but who could ever be sure - this reality is vast beyond our comprehension. We stumble on, trying this and that, coming up with better tools for survival - and survival is the name of the game. Science is one of the greatest tools for our survival (and destruction), for ultimately it is an entire way of thinking - hypothesis, testing and experiment, re-hypothesize, test again, and keep on refining, asking why. Through this process, we evolve. But there's no end, and we must always be aware of the forces of ignorance.
Next time you hear the phrase "The God Particle", think of this. For there is no such particle.

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