Guns for Peace (Occupation), Freedom (Terror)

Wry global political humor, don't you know? I root for the UN, and especially armed UN missions into troubled areas of the world. Why? Because I want to see a One World Government and a planet mostly united in peace and harmony. Instead of spending trillions on war and death, we could colonize the solar system and expand beyond our wildest dreams, Lords of the Seas, Lands, Air and Space. We would be unto Gods.

So I kinda get why the wingnuts are always all "hurf durf black helicopters", because the UN is our best shot for now at a World government that can function. And they don't want that for their small, frightened ways. And that's their right, and so we struggle on, tribal factions all across Earth spilling blood and causing so much strife and carnage, holding us back and keeping us scared and angry. Alas!

Guns have become the tool of choice for when these conflicts turn violent. Has there ever been a more destructive tool in terms of lives taken? The sword, maybe? Sharpened stone?  Guns are so slick and sophisticated at what they do, why they exist: Deal Death.
Can violence ever be good? Are there valid reasons to kill another? An age old question, I suppose. The Super Hippy in me wants to say no, never. Violence can never be good, by definition. But the realist in me scoffs: What if someone(s) has come to burn down your house, steal anything of worth, kill or enslave your family, and then ride off to do the same to some other poor, innocent souls? Wouldn't it be "good" to stop them and aid the greater weal?

Each person has to decide for themselves.

Above is Subcomandante Marcos, former College Professor, Poet, and Revolutionary Spokesman for the Zapistas in Mexico. I don't know if he's ever used any of those bullets. But I doubt the Mexican Government thinks he's cool. Does that make Marcos good or bad?

Just words, just as guns are just tools, and what matters is how you use them and your true intent. Everything's just itself and it is only we humans that give anything meaning. And we all should remind ourselves of, frequently, we're all subjective creatures, influenced by myriad factors, and prone to illogical, emotional acts. And so meaning is a point of view. Right? Like good or evil.

So the wingnuts say: Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

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