Redshirt's Top 10 Predictions for 2012

Check back in before 12/21/12 to see how correct I was (don't bother checking after, as there will be no Interwebs after that, right?). Not in any particular order:

1. This Mayan Apocalypse nonsense will get increasingly insufferable, with, for example, pseudo scientific "documentaries" on the National Geographic channel and the like. "Some say the world will end this year; others disagree. Lets examine both sides of the issue..."
2. The Repuglicans get even crazier. This presidential election is going to be horrific, for the Repuglicans are an absolute joke and a real threat to America and the world, and yet they're already gauranteed about 42% of the vote. The MSM led by Newscorp will do their best to supply the remaining amounts.
3. That said, Obama wins re-election 53% to 46% against Willard "Magic Underpants" Romney.
4. Global Warming continues unabated, with ever more diverse freak weather incidents around the world. Repuglicans still able to stop all progress worldwide.
5. No new major wars!
6. The World economy continues a slow but steady recovery, yet the fundamental issues that caused all the trouble remain, looming over the horizon. China continues to get rich as heck.
7. And yet, China starts to see serious internal dissent, based on two factors: Economic imbalances between urban/rural populations, and climate change.
8. Alternatives for fossil fuels go mainstream, heralding a new future for energy consumption worldwide (bacteria produced diesel fuel).
9. Tons more exoplanets discovered. Most folks don't care. Kepler defunded because of narrow Repuglican control of congress.
10. Jesus still doesn't return, though certainly many people will predict so, jumping in on the revenue potentials of 2012.

Got any predictions? Post 'em in the comments!

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Good luck everyone! It's going to be a great year overall, and if we're not all dead, the future is bright!


Anonymous said...

I think the US and/or Israel will have a conflict with Iran. Syria's Assad will be beaten.

Redshirt said...

Israel, maybe. I don't think the US will get dragged into anything with Iran with Obama as President, unless something really serious goes down. Next year, if there's a Repuglican in office? Odds go way, way up.

l.e.s.ter said...

It seems like they've got the Mayan calendar date wrong, but I predict this year's transit of Venus will usher something big and new in. (The 1519 transit coincided with Cortez's conquest, so the Mayans knew something, but the date of this era's end is probably actually December 21, 2220, not 2012.) I think you're off by many decades on fossil fuel alternatives. I wish it weren't so, though...