Opinions Like Assholes

Everyone's got an opinion - either their own, or imported from someone else, or some mixture of the two. And in America! We've got this here "Freedom of Speech", which is supposed justification for messages like the above - an actual billboard put up somewhere in Colorado. Here's a close up:
As racist, repulsive, repugnant, and really just nuts a message as could be, paid for no doubt by some folks who HATE Barack Obama. Why would that be, I wonder? Hmmm.

Republicans, a truly depraved, deplorable lot. I say a lot of mean stuff about them, and they'd use that as justification for their horrible behaviors, no doubt. But that's bullshit. These assholes have gone insane since Tricky Dick riled them all up and they've been getting crazier, more dangerous ever since. I'm gonna call it, but believe me when I say, I wish it were not so. I could dig voting for a fiscally conservative, socially liberal moderate Republican - that's what they should be, for crying out loud, if you actually followed their so called tenents. But no, they come nowhere near acting what they espouse. "Small Government", for example? An utter joke - every Republican Admin has swelled the size of government over the last 40 years, debt included. They want to regulate every aspect of your personal life and yet loudly bray "FREEDOM" any chance they can. They call themselves "Conservative" and yet are really bomb throwing, blow it all up Radicals. The Republican Party is a collection of deluded hypocrites, greedy scoundrels, cowards and racists - it's literally a party of the most despicable elements of not only our society, but mankind.

And yet, here we are, pretending Newt is not an utter joke, and for sooth! If he wins the nomination, vile creature that he is, he's guaranteed 35-40% of the vote right out the box. And the idea of President Gingrich is no laughing matter.

But this too, of course, is an opinion. But I'm also right - I mean, Jeepers! Check out this racist tripe above in detail - it's loaded with Wingnut symbology. There's a "SOROS" vulture! Truly insane.

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