9 2 5

Actually, more like 8 to 11 these days. Seriously - for months now, I've been working like a dog. And it's all the more difficult due to the thought of what could have been - I could be kickin' it at New Gondolin, permanently. Instead, I toil. But. BUT! It's all for a bigger goal.

Also seriously, office work sucks. I'd rather landscape, or farm, or work on construction (note! If I had any of these jobs, no doubt I'd long for the easy comforts of the office job). Cool construction, that is.

It's the forced hierarchies that really drive me nuts. Like High School, except the cliques are real and the jocks can "terminate" you. I used to be a jock, but now I'm in the AV Club, and at any and all's beck and call. It's karma, I suspect, punishment for my past Jockish deeds. Sorry, Jack!

It's like Spiderman working in an office, really. What a waste! This is more like it:

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