Happy Tree

Have you ever seen Bob Ross paint? If not, here. I unironically enjoyed the show immensely, first because I found the process of painting a landscape fascinating. Second, because Bob Ross spoke so serenely, calmly, it was hypnotic. I gave up on TV though for a long while, then Ross died, like we all will one day, and alas, this simple pleasure has been taken from us all.

But there's still photoshop.
There are a collection of starting images that are iconic in the Halls of Photoshop. The Kent State shooting, the head shot execution in Vietnam and the pic of the naked kids running terrified down a road, a segregated water fountain, and so on. This pic above shows a starving child being stalked by a vulture and is a fine example of a moral dilemma - when to document, when to intervene? The photographer, Kevin Carter, did not intervene, and won the Pulitzer for this photo. But it did not end well for him.
It sure seems like it will end well for Harrison Ford, though. Big star forever. Though I do question the Calista Flockhart decision.

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