Fired up

Dated, but still appropriate. The Obama signal is lit, get off your ass and out into the streets. If you're not fired up about this upcoming election in November, you're not paying attention. You should be if not - there's some serious shit at stake. There are some straight up villains vying for Power over the World. And your life. They must be stopped, and Barack Obama (and whatever Democrat is running for your local seats) is our only hope. Here's a rogues gallery:
Man behind the curtain. There's lots of them - the billionaires, the corporations, the political operators, the agents in the field. This is "The Turd", face of the so called "brains" of the evil Republican Party. He's not really that smart.
The Voice. "Rusty Sharpe". Agitator and disseminator of the Brain's talking points of the day. Everything about media control is part of Operation FUDD - Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, and Disinformation. It's Republican 101. It works.
Generic Southern Cracker. Usually used as henchmen, of varying degrees. Can be counted on to stir things up on command, or unleash righteous whines when things don't go their way.
The Destroyer. The face of power, wreaking a mighty path of destruction wherever they lay their gaze. Sometimes presented in a pleasing package, sometimes not, but underneath is always the same - tear down any social program or anything else not directly benefiting the men behind the curtain.
The Grifters. Come in many flavors, usually from Southern cracker stock, but also occasionally a plutocrat steps into the race to assuage their sociopathic egos. Remember Steve Forbes?
The Moralizers. Monsters of a different stripe. Almost always wimpy and weak, yet physical strength is not required in this War. If they gain power over you, everything in your life will  become theirs.
Criminals. The lot of them. I bet there's very few Republicans who have not broken some serious law. And I'm serious here - we're dealing with a group of psychopaths, bent on destroying this country and the World. Sound dramatic? It should - these are the stakes! Do you want the World to slide further down into poisoinous hate? Or rather rise up in friendship and peace? Choose!
I choose Barack Obama. Our only hope.

And realistically, barring some external catastrophe, I give President Obama a 90% chance of re-election. I'm that confident. While Evil, the Republicans have seemingly, laughingly, started to believe their own FUDD, and have devolved to a pack of Morans and clowns. All these guys are toast against Big O.

And for that, I am thankful. Yet not resting - it's time to get to work.


l.e.s.ter said...

Love it. The only possible post that could compensate for the trauma of watching two seconds of a triumphant Newt talking about food stamps.

Redshirt said...

Any amount of Newt is too much.

Blue Collared Snob said...

I couldn't even force myself to watch the 2008 Republican Debates and things have gone even more sideways with that group of miscreants since those days of fellating Ronald Reagan's corpse. I just read the liveblog on The Guardian and even that is difficult at times.
The Republicans have really screwed themselves with these purity tests that forces their candidates to say the must outlandish things trying to win the nomination that there is no way on Earth they can come even close to the middle before the general.

Redshirt said...

Amen brother. This "Republican Party" is nothing but a fascist collection of idiots and monsters. They must be stopped, or, reformed, if such a thing were possible. It sure isn't these days - did you see that "thing" with the Governor of Arizona? Shit's gonna get ugly this year.

But that's OK. We're gonna burn it out of our collective system.

Blue Collared Snob said...

It was always going to get ugly this year. All you have to do is look back at Obama's first month in office and know that they were going to fight dirty until he was either soiled himself or they could find something to use on him. The outright racism of the Tea Party to the disrespect from the leadership of the Republican Party it was apparent. A socialist, communist that reads Karl Marx and probably a Muslim Kenyan to boot. So no surprises there just another day in the life of this president.

I don't think they will be reformed, seems to me they are doubling down on Crazy. They created this monster and now that it has turned on them and is destroying the village. They cheered it along until it turned on the establishment, now it isn't so funny.

JustFrankie said...

I am fuckin in, Goddmanit! Great post

Redshirt said...

Damn right Frankie. I am still in: We all must stand up, and speak out, against Republican insanity. In all its flavors.