Gun Dam!

This is a Gundam, which apparently is a big deal in Japan. Check it out if you must. To gauge how popular, look above - a real statue in Tokyo. How cool?! Or nerdy. Or both, and so much more.
Here's a subpar photoshop of that OBAMER as a Gundam, menacing/protecting the Capitol - your mileage varies, I suppose.

Realistically, I have a hard time seeing giant robots that walk like people - why go through that hassle? Human bipedal motion is extremely complicated, and what does the giant robot get out of it? A spider form would be way more stable/practical/terrifying. Now, robots that are human sized using bipedal motion, sure. That can make sense for certain purposes, and even the robots can enjoy it. For it will be important to keep our robot overlords well pleased. Here's a gift, Robot Boss!
An ultra rare Thomas the Transformer Gundam.

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