The Age of Propaganda

We've entered an ironic age - we have all these forms of media, for information, and yet a sizable percentage of the population believes in lies as facts instead of empirical truths. As long as the Other Tribe is for it, their against it, whatever it is.

Tribe over truth. It's very strange, and yet probably pervasive throughout history.

The difference today is the media, now used as sophisticated propaganda and marketing tools, worldwide. Their 24/7 influence can shape the opinions of many to such an extant that they will un/knowingly accept propaganda as fact, and any word otherwise, treason.

Crazy times.
Objectively a very interesting time to be alive - we're all very lucky.


Anonymous said...

I hope that infographic that had a map of Africa labeled as India was a joke...

Anonymous said...

A dry wit I assure you.