We all play our part

Life is much like the WWF toy hockey game - you're controlled by forces far beyond your influence, assigned your set role and unable to move out of it, save the little wiggles in the tiny rut you call "your life". Mine too! In this parable you are the Hacksaw Jim Dugan character, and not the Hulk. Ain't that always the case?

But seriously, this artwork is magnificent. Note the detail in the customized hockey sticks, each suited to its owner. So you know, Hacksaw is the creepy looking guy in the top left of the ring, eating his 4x4 hockey stick. You ever feel like doing that? Me too!


l.e.s.ter said...

In an odd way, I kind of hope this is the only thing that survives from our civilization.

I love imagining fashion anthropologists of the future being certain that roided-out dudes wore legwarmers with matching sweaters.

Redshirt said...

This and Snuggies.