Indian Summer (Winter is coming)

Indian Summer is defined in Maine as any warm day past September 1st. Why it's called "Indian" is not for the curry. It's easy to forget, in the Summer, that Maine is cold, and way up North. And kinda weird. But boy, in the Summer - it can be perfection. I had the BEST Summer in quite some time, due to the fully operational New Gondolin. Take a look - 
Due Northwest. That's my favorite corner.
From the great wall of Redshirt, newly constructed. It was amazing to see the change in the wall and the leaves this past week - from nothing to full on. Some change I like, other change I'm not so keen on. I'm going to miss the Summer and I know I've forgotten: Winter is coming:


l.e.s.ter said...

Winter is coming? You sound like a man who's taken the black.

New Gondolin looks sick. I can't believe there's that much unspoiled land left anywhere. What's up with that awesome rock? Glacial souvenir?

Redshirt said...

Indeed - lots of glacial souvenirs. If rocks were money, I'd be King of Bedrock.