By Riker's Beard!

Young Riker turned into Bearded Riker and became a legend. And in turn, fatter. A side effect of the secret behind the Beard:
Mot was dealing out all kinds of tonics from the Enterprise barber shop. But like a genie with his wishes with catches, the side effects spread:
The Beard spread... an unstoppable force, reaching even back into time. Bet you don't remember this:
Disco Bones - bearer of perhaps the greatest Beard in all Trekdom.


l.e.s.ter said...

Swear to God, just saw Disco Bones coming out of a bar in Williamsburg. Ur-Hipsterism!

Redshirt said...

How old was he?

"Disco Bones" would be an excellent band/album/song title.

Also, "Ur-Hipster".