This World is Now Ours

This is a compilation of all tropical storms over a year. Neat, huh? Note the remarkably quiet continent of South America - what's up with that? Eastern Africa is also incredibly calm, whereas look at Wastern Mexico - BAM! Must be that El Nino dude.
These are the Andaman Islands, one of which is - and has been for a long, long, long time - the home of the Sentinelese. The Tsunami of 04 went through here, but no one knows what it did or didn't do to the Sentinelese. They remain a mystery. From the satellite image above, it looks like they get a lot of big storms - I bet they survived in large numbers, if it were possible, due to their no doubt higher sensitivity to their environment. Uncle t-Thuk'ik-rytyr always knows when a storm is coming. Or a big wave - the birds, man. You got to read the birds. When they start freaking out, or not freaking out, you know something's up - head for high ground.

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